Ethereum – Gold Plated “Cryptocurrencies You Hold”

Product Features

  • Gold Ethereum Coin - "Cryptocurrencies You Hold" - A REMINDER TO HOLD YOUR OWN CRYPTOS!
  • Great conversation starter at Ethereum/Blockchain Meetups
  • Ethereum Size: Diameter = 1.5" and 4mm thick Weight = 1 ounce
  • A must for all Ethereum fans. 1 Coin included in the price.
  • Support the Ethereum community with this coin.
New Price: $10.69

(as of 01/22/2018 01:51 UTC - Details)

Product Description

A REMINDER TO HOLD YOUR OWN CRYPTOS! Blockchain Pub does it again with the the first release of Ethereum coins you hold (we were the first to bring Gold Bitcoins back in 2013). This is a beautiful Eth

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